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Wheel assemblies, rims and other components are safety critical items that must be maintained and used correctly to prevent any risk and dangerous accidents, the maintenance and service must be trained and qualified professionally, following are fatal notice for the safety.

Always deflate the tire and both tires in dual assembly completely BEFORE any task or maintenance on rims or wheels;

 Always used the correct protective equipment and tools for the maintenance;

 Any task or maintenance on rims of wheels must AFTER appropriate training and qualified from the training.

 The multi pieces wheel include components like lock ring, side rims, the components can explode if the correct procedures are not been followed during mounting and remounting, inflation, assembly and remove.

 Always use cage or other protection device during tire inflation;

 Never to inflate tire to exceeded the recommended pressure. Exceed pressure can cause tire and wheel component to burst with great force, the explode could be cause serious or fatal injure.

Please following all correct and safety procedures in accordance with following authorized standards:

For European Union:

www.EUWA.org Safety and Service Recommendations for Wheels

For Americas and other countries:

www.osha.gov Servicing Multi-Piece and Single Piece Rim Wheels