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Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all deliveries shall be executed on the following terms:

1、Both printed and electronic drawings, technical documents, quotation and other commercial documents are properties of CIMAC, they should not be disclosed to any third parties without CIMAC’s consent;

2、Orders cannot be cancelled after buyer’s confirmation. In case of any confirmed order cancelation, buyer will be charged all direct costs associated by the cancelation;

3、Buyer shall examine the delivered goods upon receipt and give written notification of all obvious defects or incomplete delivery within 7 work days after receiving the goods;

4、CIMAC’ quotation include standard packaging and standard stamp on wheel, and any special requirement on package, stamp or logo will incur additional charges;

5、Unless otherwise noticed, CIMAC’s quotation validity is 180 days after date of issue;

6、CIMAC’s technical parameter, drawings and other technical documents are subject to update without notice.